Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Okay, I know a few of my blog readers have been to Italy. So, as my trip comes closer, I am getting more worried about money and if I will have enough. My questions for you are... when did you go to Italy? How much money did you spend?

B and I are staying in hostels, which will cut down the cost quite a bit. And we already bought Eurail passes, which will also keep the cost down.

But I am still worried!


  1. I went to Italy but it was in 2002 so the price of stuff is probably a lot higher now. I do recall that there are ways to eat cheap by eating at local spots. I remember I ordered a coke at this pasta house and a can of coke was $3!!!!! Yikes-that was in 2002! So, if there are no prices listed, ask instead of ordering and then being surprised later. I should have just drank wine that night-it was the same price!


  2. 2006? Which seems so long ago. We spent most of our money on food, which is the best thing to spend money on in my opinion. Oh and we didn't stay in venice, but near it and ate at a cafeteria most nights because it was cheap and they had french fries. I'm so excited for your trip.

  3. I was there in September last year. Good news...the dollar is more stronger now. So the dollar to Euro conversion won't be as bad. Food in Italy can be inexpensive...if you know where to go. Do you have a Rick Steves book? That will really help you to show you where the cheaper, but good places are to eat and sleep. Florence and Milan will be more pricy than other areas like Rome. As of today 1 Euro equals a $1.26. That is a lot better then when I was there. Metro is a good and inexpensive way to get around town. Buses are ok...really croweded. Watch out for your wallets. There are a lot of pick pocketers there. Be smart, use your head and pray for God to make the way for you.