Thursday, April 1, 2010

She's back!

I continually say that Etsy is such a great experience because of it's community feel. It's true. I have met so many cool people on Etsy and made some good friends. One of these friends is Keysha from LaineDesign. We started on Etsy around the same time, and I immediately fell in love with her store. She is so incredibly talented and full of advice for me. It has been great to get to know her. She took the month of March off with a promise to have new stuff starting in April. When I went to her shop this morning I saw all these great new items!

Slouch Tam in Grass

Scalloped Collar in Ivory

Long Chain with Felt Pebbles in Mixed Greens and Light Blue

I want them all!

Check her out at


  1. wow! she has some great stuff! thanks for sharing! smiles, gina

  2. Thanks so much for the feature!! I agree with you about the sense of community on Etsy. In what other marketplace would you find so many sellers ready and willing to help their competition succeed?! Pretty fantastic.. Thanks for contributing to the positive vibe!