Thursday, April 8, 2010


Now that I found a great place to shoot pictures for the store I want to redo all the old ones because I think they look so bad! Yesterday Tessa and I went out and brought along some old items to take new pictures. I was really happy with the transformation this neckwarmer made:



Tessa and I had so much fun! Her hair looks so red too, which I love. It was really windy, but we decided to use it to our advantage, as you will be able to see in some other items I will putting up throughout the week.

In store now!


  1. wow! the photos of tessa were gorgeous before but now they are just so much brighter! :) smiles, gina

    ps i have seen so many outfits lately that i can wear with that necklace. this past week was my fiance's 40th birthday!! (we are 11yrs apart:) ) and i planned a big birthday bash for him this weekend so all my extra funds went to that AND I am taking him on vacay in the middle of April to So Cal and Arizona for 10 days so after that I will be able to buy my beloved necklace-I am thinking early May hopefully---right before you leave for ITALY!!!!

  2. Gina, you are the sweetest. You always help my self-esteem with all your compliments! Which necklace were you looking at? I don't think you ever said.