Monday, November 30, 2009

Let's introduce ourselves...

I always find it more fun to read someone's blog when they include a picture of themselves and tell me a little about who they are. I can connect more with them and feel like they are another one of my friends.

So, let us introduce ourselves.

Meet Emily-

Emily is the oldest sister. She taught herself to knit and crochet approximately ten years ago. She has always had a flare for the creative and is a very independent person. Emily has made countless items for close friends and family and they all sincerely enjoy receiving her unique creations.

Meet Alanah-

Wanting to be like her older sister, Alanah asked Emily to teach her how to crochet and knit. After she caught the “bug”, she found herself unable to concentrate in school because she was so excited to come home and make things. Her love was born somewhere in the middle of high school and has only gotten greater since then.

Meet Tessa-

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  1. You guys are all too darling! Hey - you should put up an Etsy mini on here so people are just a click away from your shop! I hope yarnplusyarn is a rockin' success!!!